Saturday, October 8, 2011

Funny Story!

I recently posted on the subject of Intolerant Anti-Bloodlines products by a certain manufacturer within Second Life. I presented the material on this blog site with images, the description of the product from the Second Life Marketplace website and the link to the product on Second Life Marketplace. I did this so that the reader could verify the facts of my presentation for themselves. I attempted to present an accurate representation of the material giving proper credit to the author of the material. This is the way this type of information is presented. It's called writing a paper! But the author of this product being intolerant of any view other than his own; made a complaint to Blogger having the presentation taken down. 

I answered each point the the author of the products presented in a forum he could rebut at his leisure. My attempted was a  fair meeting of the minds. But this individual instead of answering or commenting on the blog or even learning something he may not have known about Bloodlines, chose cheap tricks to help others remain ignorant of the real issues on the subject. He presented my blog as a violation of copy write laws. It is my understanding that copy write laws are there to protect the author from having their material stolen by someone else taking credit for the material. I presented the material in its entirety with credit to the author and a link to his product line on Second Life Marketplace. (That's called referencing your resource.) That does not sound like someone who is trying to steal someone else's material. It sounds to me whats happening is someone wants to keep the truth from coming out. Someone does not want to present the information in a fair and unbiased manner. Ever hear of the freedom of the press? Now I realize I am not the press and I did not get previous permission to presenting the material. But hey, What are you afraid of? What truth are you suppressing? Why do you want to allow only one point of view? Why are you apposed to my point of view on my own blog? When we were on the Second Life Blog with this same subject, You did not want any other view presented other than your own then either. Sounds like you are trying to control information.

Well, my blog is about Tolerance and you are exactly the opposite. I do here in declare you Public Enemy In-Tolerant Number One. No, you are not my enemy. If you were then I would be intolerant. But your intolerant closed minded ignorance is my enemy. Your words are my enemy because they are intolerant of me.You do not know me and you have never met me. You have never interacted with me and you presume to know my actions and reactions. And you base your omniscience upon one word 'Bloodlines.'

By the way; you base your removal of my opinions on my own blog on the basis of copy write violation. Have you ever noticed 'All content © 2010 Liquid Designs.' on the bottom of the Bloodlines website? Yet you violate the same principle in your product every time your sell one. And you violate the same principle in your advertisement of your product. Why don't you practice the same thing you inflict on others? Or do you just rely on cheap tricks to impose your opinions on others. ~ Wolf    

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